Re: NBN Gateway version 3.4.1 released

Release date: 28/06/2010

The following new functionality and changes have now been added to the NBN Gateway and web services. Please refer any questions you have regarding the NBN Gateway to the NBN helpdesk (gateway@nbn.org.uk). NBN web service documentation can be found on the NBN website (http://www.nbn.org.uk/Guidebooks/Web-services-documentation.aspx).


Record commenting facility
The commenting facility has been improved so that all registered users can now comment on records accessed through the interactive map. Dataset administrators can accept, reject or delete these comments, with commented records correspondingly colour coded indicating the status of the comment. Administrators can also download the list of comments and will receive a monthly update listing new record comments for their particular datasets. Further information on this new commenting facility will be posted on the NBN website shortly

Allow administrators to search for users by email address
Administrators can now use user's email address in the search box on the administrator pages to search for users when managing access to dataset and organisations access

Provide administrators with history of dataset access requests
Administrators can now view a history of organisation and user access requests to their datasets, through additional administration reporting pages

Monthly email sent to administrator listing outstanding access requests
Each month an email summarising outstanding access requests will be sent to the administrators of datasets on the NBN Gateway, along with a summary of outstanding comments for records in their particular dataset(s). Dataset providers can opt out of this monthly email by unticking a check box on their account page

Close access request dealt with outside the NBN Gateway
Dataset administrators can now close the access request from users or organisations that has been dealt with outside the NBN Gateway so that these requests are not now regarded as outstanding requests

Clarification of access requests
The level of access to a dataset requested by a user has now been clarified by the addition of drop down boxes in the user request form. These drop down boxes can be used to indicate required level of resolution, access to sensitive records, recorder's names or attribute fields and need for downloading or viewing records

View registered users associated with an organisation on NBN Gateway
Dataset administrators can now view the list of registered users associated with an organisation on the NBN Gateway prior to setting the level of access for that particular organisation. This list can be viewed by clicking on the organisation's name in the organisation access page

Easier login for administrators
Login box is now available within the administration pages allowing easier login for administrators accessing the NBN Gateway from links from access request emails

Remember login details
Additional login box is now available which allows the login details to be remembered so that a user will be automatically logged in in future visits. A message alerting users to the care needed when using this on publicaly accessible computers is also provided

Search for species with no records on the NBN Gateway
Taxonomic searches will now return all relevant species including those that do not currently have records on the NBN Gateway

Improvement to dataset list page
Page listing datasets now includes an additional column listing the date the dataset was last updated on the NBN Gateway. Datasets can be sorted on this date column


Web service documentation
Web service documentation has been updated especially including documentation on how to implement web service using .NET


Re: NBN Gateway version 3.4.1 released

Just to clarify the new functionality for administrators to simply close access requests that they receive:

What the close option allows an administrator to do is to silently close an access request (ie it never generates an email to the user who has requested access). Sometimes users have requested access to a dataset through the Gateway but the administrator has either granted access directly with the user (outside the Gateway) or not  clicked on the links provided within the Gateway and therefore the automated process of the request being closed has not occurred. Therefore in both these situations it is useful to close the access request as it has already been dealt with but is still sitting on the system.

If you reject the request an email is sent to the user (except for sensitive requests - no email is sent as this would potentially give away sensitive information), if you close the request no emails are sent (for either sensitive or non-sensitive requests).

Best Wishes,

NBN Technical Liaison Officer