Re: Migration to recorder 6

Probably tto late for most people, but here goes anyway.

I have just noticed that when we migrated our data from Recorder 3.3 (via 3.4) to recorder 6, a lot of event data came across which had vague dates of type M (month only e.g. June). This intrigued me beciase this is a date type which we would almost never use, so I l;ooked closer and found that in every case (nearly 2000 events) the difference between the start and end dates was a value between 29 and 31. In other words these vague dates should in fact be of Type O (month and year e.g. June 1987).

I have since corrected them with a batch update.

I guess this is a problem in Recorder 6, whether part of the import addin or elsewhere.


Rob Large
Wildlife Sites Officer
Wiltshire & Swindon Biological Records Centre