Re: iSpot links with NBN Gateway and dictionary

iSpot is the website dedicated to helping people learn how to identify wildlife, developed by the Open University as part of OPAL:

We've recently added links to the NBN maps, so that each time a species name is suggested as an identification on the site, a link to the NBN Gateway appears automatically - assuming that the species name suggested can be found in the NBN species dictionary.

There is a similar link to the Encyclopedia of Life web pages.

We're also using the NBN/NHM species dictionary to help iSpot users choose names that are consistent with the dictionary: at the point of adding a species name to iSpot an auto-complete field provides a list of names from the dictionary as people type, and having selected one of these names users can check whether it is the approved name according to the dictionary.

Martin Harvey
Biological Records Centre
CEH Wallingford