Re: Recorder 2002 upgrade


Is there anywhere that I can download the patches to enable me to upgrade Recorder2002 V2.0.5 to Recorder2002 V.



Re: Recorder 2002 upgrade

Do you need to upgrade to v2.3.7.8? If you are looking to transfer to Recorder 6 you can do this from v2.3.1 onwards. You can upgrade from v2.0.5 to v2.3.1 using the latest Recorder 2002 CD, i.e. the coloured one with a bee nectaring on a cowslip on it. If you don’t have a copy of this JNCC should be able to supply it. Alternatively, I have a few to spare. The upgrades to v2.3.6.5 and used to be available on the NBN web-site but they disappeared when that was revamped. They should be available on the new Recorder web-site soon. If they aren’t let me know and I will upload them for you.

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Re: Recorder 2002 upgrade

Hi Sally,

Many thanks for your reply.

When you say the new Recorder website do you mean this one http://www.recordersoftware.org/ ? If so I can't find the upgrades on it...

It's a bit of a long story that I'll not bore you with, but unless V2.0.5 can work with a V2.3.7.8 database then I need to upgrade.

Would you be able to upload the patches?