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Hi All,
I need some clarification on the CITES listing for Euphorbia spp.
According to the CITES website all non-succulent euphorbia species were removed from annex II in 1997 and there are no UK species given any special protection. However the spreadsheet and the designations within Recorder includes the genus euphorbia and so outputs them all as protected. The designation description on the spreadsheet says that it includes some non CITES species!?

A little help please!



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Dear Tony,

The European Community protects CITES species through provisions in the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations. These go beyond CITES in a number of respects, and include some species on their Annexes that are not on the actual CITES Annexes. The reporting category on the conservation designations spreadsheet is EC CITES, i.e. species that are legally covered by trade regulations in Europe, hence the descriptions state that they contain some non CITES species.

For differences between the EU and CITES provisions see -

However, you are right, non-succulent Euphorbia species should not be on our list and need to be removed – thanks for drawing our attention to this. We also need to check for other updates needed for this list, which was amended in July 2010. See http://www.unep-wcmc.org/eu/Taxonomy/docs/709_2010_eu.pdf

best wishes,

Anna Robinson


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Hi Anna,
Thanks for clearing this up for me. I will remove all Euphorbia spp records that come up in reports from now on.

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I have had a request for the inclusion of the Schedule 9 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act (Invasive non-native plants)  list to be included on the NBN Gateway. Is it possible to add this to the Species Badges Collation or is this list not appropriate ?

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Graham French
NBN Technical Liaison Officer


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I need to use the designations spreadsheet soon, and I noticed that it doesn't appear to have been updated for a couple of years now. Does anyone know if there's a more recent version?



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A new version is at http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-3408 - must have appeared not long after your message Linda as it is dated April:

JNCC wrote:

The Master List has been updated and amended as follows:
  - Updated Schedules 5 and 8 of "The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981". This includes species added and removed from the schedules since 2011.

   - Updated "Section 42 Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 - Species of Principal Importance in Wales". This includes species added and removed from Section 42 in the last revision in November 2012.

  - Added "A Conservation Evaluation of British Lichens and Lichenicolous Fungi (2012)".

  - Added a "Red List of Fungi for Great Britain: Boletaceae 2013".

  - Added "A review of the scarce and threatened beetles of Great Britain 2014".

  -The "Habitats Directive Annex II, IV, and V" listings have been updated to match those used as the basis for the UK's 3rd report on the Implementation of the Habitats Directive. This also includes two turtle species on Annex II that were previously incorrectly shown as only Annex IV species.

JNCC have updated all of the recommended taxon names, authorities and other attributes including taxon version keys (unique identifier codes for each taxon) to correspond with the latest release of the Natural History Museum’s UK species inventory.

Teresa Frost | Wetland Bird Survey National Organiser | BTO
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(Old hats  | NBN Board, ALERC Board, CBDC, KMBRC)


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Is there a reason why the JNCC spreadsheet doesn't list WACA-Sch5_sect9.5a as a designation for Grass Snake, Natrix natrix  (https://data.nbn.org.uk/Taxa/NHMSYS0000080231)? The NBN Gateway does include this designation.


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Keith, you may have found this already: Grass Snake is listed for the W&C Act in the spreadsheet, but under a subspecific name only: Natrix natrix subsp. helvetica. I believe that is the only subspecies to occur in Britain, but I've never seen anyone record it under that name.

I haven't checked, but presumably the original W&C Act must have specified the subspecies, so I guess it is technically correct for it to be listed as such in the spreadsheet, but it is pragmatically very unhelpful (IMHO). Similar problems arise elsewhere, e.g. some bird designations are attached to binomials and some to trinomials.

P.S. having just checked the Gateway it seems that the W&C Act listing is now only attached to the trinomial subspecies (which has no records), and is no longer shown for the binomial species (which has lots of records).

Martin Harvey
Biological Records Centre
CEH Wallingford


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Query over change to listings in the "Summary for each taxon":

In the 2014 version of the spreadsheet, in the "Summary for each taxon", under the heading "Habitats Directive", a number of species shown as being listed under two of the Directive's Annexes.

In the 2016 version of the spreadsheet, in the "Summary for each taxon", under the heading "D: Habitats Directive", only one of the Directive's Annexes is listed.

The 2016 "Master list" shows that these species are still listed under two of the Annexes, so is this just an error in the way that the "Summary" has been compiled, or has there been a change to the way the Annexes are interpreted?

The species in question are:

TVK - group - species - 2016 summary - 2014 summary
NHMSYS0000080156 - amphibian - Triturus cristatus - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000188601 - bony fish (Actinopterygii) - Alosa alosa - HabDir-A2* - II; V 
NHMSYS0000544611 - bony fish (Actinopterygii) - Alosa fallax - HabDir-A2* - II; V 
NHMSYS0000544657 - bony fish (Actinopterygii) - Coregonus oxyrinchus - HabDir-A2 - II; IV
NBNSYS0000188606 - bony fish (Actinopterygii) - Salmo salar - HabDir-A2* - II; V 
NBNSYS0000033009 - crustacean - Austropotamobius pallipes - HabDir-A2* - II; V 
NBNSYS0000002028 - fern - Trichomanes speciosum - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000003668 - flowering plant - Apium repens - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000002284 - flowering plant - Cypripedium calceolus - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NHMSYS0000459021 - flowering plant - Gentianella anglica - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NHMSYS0000460402 - flowering plant - Liparis loeselii - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000002100 - flowering plant - Luronium natans - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NHMSYS0000460842 - flowering plant - Najas flexilis - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000003798 - flowering plant - Rumex rupestris - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000003491 - flowering plant - Saxifraga hirculus - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000006470 - insect - moth - Gortyna borelii subsp. lunata - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000188584 - jawless fish (Agnatha) - Lampetra fluviatilis - HabDir-A2* - II; V 
NBNSYS0000005137 - marine mammal - Halichoerus grypus - HabDir-A2* - II; V 
NBNSYS0000005135 - marine mammal - Phoca vitulina - HabDir-A2* - II; V 
NBNSYS0000005172 - marine mammal - Phocoena phocoena - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000005179 - marine mammal - Tursiops truncatus - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NHMSYS0001701883 - mollusc - Anisus (Disculifer) vorticulus - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NHMSYS0001702090 - mollusc - Margaritifera (Margaritifera) margaritifera - HabDir-A2* - II; V 
NBNSYS0000188641 - reptile - Caretta caretta - HabDir-A2 - II; IV
NBNSYS0000188639 - reptile - Chelonia mydas - HabDir-A2 - II; IV
NHMSYS0000080178 - terrestrial mammal - Barbastella barbastellus - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000005133 - terrestrial mammal - Lutra lutra - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NHMSYS0000528024 - terrestrial mammal - Myotis bechsteinii - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NBNSYS0000005154 - terrestrial mammal - Myotis emarginatus - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NHMSYS0000080176 - terrestrial mammal - Rhinolophus ferrumequinum - HabDir-A2* - II; IV
NHMSYS0000080177 - terrestrial mammal - Rhinolophus hipposideros - HabDir-A2* - II; IV

Martin Harvey
Biological Records Centre
CEH Wallingford


Re: JNCC Conservation Designations Spreadsheet

Hello Martin

The missing Habitat Directive's Annexes in the Summary for each taxon spreadsheet resulted from the way it was generated from the Master List, with only the first Directive Annex being displayed. This has now been corrected so that the spreadsheet now reflects the master list, with multiple Habitat Annexes listed for the relevant species.

The updated Conservation Designations Spreadsheet is available to download from JNCC's web site - http://jncc.defra.gov.uk/page-3408

Best wishes