Topic: Down again - again

In the middle of what (to me) is a rather important exercise on the Gateway, the site decides that 30 min or so of success is as much as I am due, and shuts off.  This time, it just times out - not even the pleasure of seeing the 'Server error' page.  The same thing happened last night.

We seem to have reverted to the position in the worst days of the unfairly-cursed G4, and the early days of G5.

Some of actually use the Gateway as a tool, not as a source of entertainment.  We are unimpressed by revamped websites with glitzy graphics and other digital bling.  We are also often on slow connections (if I get 500Kb/s download speed, it is a good day, and others I know would give their right hands for that kind of speed).

May we please have a no-nonsense resource that allows us quick, direct, reliable access to the data that we and our fellow recorders provide to the Gateway, the what where when and who, and the maps?  If it is necessary for other purposes to have the cosmetic bells and whistles, please make that an option that serious people can bypass

Latest - after some 10 min of repeatedly reloading the Taxa page as I typed this, the page appears.  That fact does not make anything above any less valid.  Although I see the page, and it seems to be functioning, returning even the simplest information seems an effort.  Whatever the cause, your server is clearly not up to the task we expect of it.