Topic: IMT useless again

I have just been trying to do some serious work which involves (unfortunately) accessing the IMT.

It is behaving unpredictably, showing some of the faults I reported in my last post of 14 Nov (so far no response from the IT team), and others I have not seen before.  I think I must have seen every possible combination of components in the display in the past 15 minutes, in 2 browsers, with several different taxon calls.

Exciting it might be to those with a dull life. Useful it is not.

Please give us a site that we can use and trust.  Just like the one we had a little over a year ago, perhaps?


PS - checking just before I clicked 'Submit', the whole thing seems to have frozen and I am told that the webpage is not available. Other sites are working fine, so it is not my connection.


Re: IMT useless again

To bring this up to date, I tried again this morning first thing, and quickly had to give up because of more malfunctions - including the unwelcome reappearance of our old friends the dreaded pink squares.

I am now working from the grid maps on one laptop, and a separate database on another, in order to see in the information that is supposed to be available on one screen on the Gateway. Clumsy, yes, but there is a limit to how much of my life I am prepared to waste on a Gateway with multiple and major problems.